About Us

We make videos that bring brands to life.

Zota Productions’ decades of work with top creatives and technicians enable us to deliver the best content under any circumstance, making us an agile, versatile, efficient asset to any content strategy.

From corporate to cinematic, our passion is crafting brands’ stories with authenticity, style, stunning visuals, attention to detail, and always with a spirit of fun.

Our Services

Creative Direction

We are storytellers. We uncover your brand story, telling it with authenticity, style and integrity, always grounded in human connection. We understand your vision and help build your community.


Video speaks volumes online. From ideation to execution, our process is collaborative, inclusive, and detail-oriented. We offer flexible and creative solutions for any size production.


We guide you in strategizing your content and engaging your community. From still photography to 3D animation and social media consulting, we’ll help you maximize your investment.

Media Coaching

Not everyone is born a rock star in front of the camera. Decades of on-camera experience inform our approach to capturing natural, authentic performances from even the most camera-shy subjects.

Who We Are

President and Executive Producer of Zota Productions, Diane Mizota

Diane Mizota
President & Executive Producer

An Emmy-nominated television host and actor, Diane brings decades of industry experience as the executive producer of Zota Productions. Hundreds of national commercials, live telecasts, branded tv segments and digital shows, scripted films, TV shows, and red carpets, have informed Diane’s creative approach to producing and directing.

A passionate storyteller, her clients value her ability to deliver nuanced storytelling with gorgeous visuals and authentic performances while evoking emotion and elevating brands.

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